St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Chuch | Key West 2007The first church service in Key West was held here on December 25, 1832 in the County Court House. For the next six years, the congregation of St. Pauls Church held services here until they built a church on the same spot in 1838. The church, build of coral rock, was destroyed by a hurricane in 1846, rebuilt in 1847 as a frame structure, and then brought down by fire in 1886. The church was rebuilt again, only to be destroyed by the hurricane of 1909. The concrete structure that you can see today was built in 1919. St. Paul's Church | Key West 1919The stained glass windows, insured by Lloyd's of London, are something not to be missed. The church resides on land that was donated by John Fleming. He is buried in the back yard of the church. Which is also where legendary Sea Captain's grave is. It is rumored that a ghost, perhaps Mr. Fleming, or Sea Captains wanders the ground of the church at night. This is a popular stop on the famous Ghost Tours of Key West.