Conch Republic Seafood Company

Conch Republic Seafood Company | 2007The property on which the Conch Republic Seafood Company were built was once the Singleton Fish House and Ice Plant. The ice plant once boasted as the largest in the world, allowed for more efficient unloading and processing of the shrimp catch. Each day, at the peak of the shrimp season, dozens of shrimp trawlers unloaded their catch at the docks right behind the Conch Republic Seafood Company, in the warehouse, hundreds of workers stood at long tables in what now serves as the Main Dining Room of the restaurant, and deftly removed the inedible heads from the shrimp before packing them in wooden crates and icing them for shipment. Shrimp Boats | 1960The industry remained a lucrative business in the Bight into the 1980's. In the 1990's the large warehouse once known as "Fish House No. 4" was transformed into the present day Conch Republic Seafood Company. The building that housed the ice plant itself is now Conch Farm Research and Educational Foundation, Inc. This education center is a working laboratory. Integrated into the construction of the restaurant, bar and education center are materials salvaged from the processing plant and the original docks. Fresh seafood is delivered daily to our docks from the waters surrounding Key West, continuing the tradition found in the Bight's History. The Conch Farm, as locals like to call it is one of the most popular bars in Key West. It probably has something to do with having the best happy hour in town. If you want to try conch fritters, a true Key West delight, this is the place to try them.