Fast Buck Freddie's

Fast Buck Freddie's | Key WestFast Buck Freddie's was founded in 1976 by two friends. On the first day they were open they made $22. With the explosion of tourism in 1980 Fast Buck Freddies expanded rapidly. How did they come up with the name 'Fast Buck Freddie's' ? While the two friends were flipping through record albums for inspiration they came upon the first gold record of the group Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus. Fast Buck Freddie's, a most unlikely name for a retail store. The owners vowed to always contradict their name with the appearance of the store and the merchandise. Fast Buck Freddie's | WindowFast Bucks has become well known for its theme window displays and locals and tourists are always wondering what they will do next. Fast Buck’s carries just about everything you could possible imagine and more that you could never imagine. Step inside and see the amazing displays and unique items for sale. At Fast Buck’s everything and everyone is just fun.