Margaritaville | 2007Jimmy Buffet put Key West on the map and created a place many people wish to visit, Margaritaville. Buffet, a singer from Nashville, Tennessee came to Key West in the early 70's. Key West in the 70ís was very different than it is today, the island was occupied by servicemen, shrimpers and those just looking for a lifestyle left of norm. Here they found that at the end of the rainbow, where, in fact, they found a pot of gold, Apulco Gold. In January 1985, Jimmy opened the original Margaritaville Store in Key West, Florida and discovered a new outlet not only for his adventurous spirit, but for his ever growing fan base. For nearly three years in Lands End Village customers entered the Margaritaville Store looking for a restaurant, naturally assuming that Margaritaville was a place to get a margarita. So in late 1987, the Margaritaville Cafe joined the Margaritaville Store at 500 Duval Street.Margaritaville A big reason for Jimmyís success is his fans. Known as Parrot Heads they began to form local clubs all around the country, raising money for charity and have fun doing it. Thousands of people across the country have now joined together to positively affect their communities under the Parrot Head moniker. Jimmy no longer lives in Key West, but he still has his recording studio here.