Pirate Soul Museum

Pirate Soul Museum | 2007Step back to the days of old when Pirates ruled the Caribbean. The Pirate Soul Museum will lead you through the Golden Age of Pirates and experience the real pirates of the Caribbean. As you step into Pirate Soul you will find yourself in Port Royal Jamaica in the 16th century. Explore the largest and most artifacts authentic collection of pirate artifacts, enjoy these just as Pat Croce did while spending decades assembling this unique collection. There are guns, maps, swords and other artifacts rescued from the savage seas.Treasure Chest Read about Bonny Read and Thomas Tew, see the scaffolds used, pick up a musket, feel a battle rage around you as you stand on the poop deck of a ship. Step down below desks and hear Blackbeardís final moments above you. Stand in the Captains Private Cabin and see his desk and authentic Jolly Roger flag. Slowly and carefully make you way past Blackbeardís final salute and gaze on a real Treasure Chest.